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If you took a poll asking people what is their number one ailment, the answer would probably be back pain. The back is an integral part of our daily living but we sometimes unintentionally abuse our back, consider the Aurora Pain Management Rehabilitation for your back pain. You may have chronic pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, weight problems, a physically intensive job or carrying your children.

No matter what caused your back pain, pain management rehab can help. Your problem may be from an automobile accident, even with your seat belt fastened, your body was jarred and you’ve strained your neck or back. Your pain may be from spasms, disks breakdown, or ruptured disks; all of which require pain management rehab.

Your problem may not be your back or neck, you may have debilitating migraines. Any light or sound takes you running to the bathroom; vomiting and you still have the unbearable headache causing you to seek Pain Management Rehab Aurora IL.

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What to Expect with Aurora Pain Management Rehabilitation

You know you need pain management rehab because you identify with one of the many causes of severe pain. A team of medical professionals will work together to form a drug rehab treatment plan to best meet your needs. Depending on your diagnosis, your Aurora Pain Management Rehab team may consist of a physical therapist, occupational therapy, physicians and nurses.

If you have back problems, the occupational therapist will teach you how to move as a part of your everyday life. For example, if your pain is in your lower back and you need to pick up something on the floor, the therapist will teach you how to position your body to bend and pick it up without causing you more pain. You’ll be expected to practice what you learn in pain management rehabilitation at home, making it a natural part of your life.

When your team from pain management rehabilitation is assessing your problem, they may discover all or part of your problem is due to stress. You’ll learn how to manage your stress and how to relax. You will probably have triggers that cause you more stress. If you have already become dependent on a pain medication, please ask about our detoxification services.

You’ll learn how to react to those pressure points in your life through Alcohol Treatment Centers Aurora. Just because you have chronic pain it doesn’t mean you are doomed to feel this way for the rest of your life. There are options to help you with your pain management rehab. Take the next step and contact an expert today at (303) 731-3994.

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