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After deciding to get help for drug and alcohol abuse, addicts and their families must also make important decisions regarding detoxification. Once the body has developed a dependency on alcohol or drugs, quitting cold turkey without professional supervision and support can be dangerous. For this reason, we are available to help clients who have recently begun the road to getting clean and are detoxifying. We are trained and qualified to safely bridge the gap between substance abuse and rehabilitation.

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The Dangers of Cold Turkey

While many people may wish the addict in their life would simply quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey, the truth is that quitting with professional detoxification methods and medical supervision is highly advisable.

Many drugs, including alcohol, have severe withdrawal symptoms that commonly arise when an addict abstains from substance abuse. Withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol may include severe nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, anxiety, depression, aches and pains and even seizures.

Symptoms may begin in as little as two hours from the time the addict stops abusing the substance and may last several days or even weeks. Our pain management and alcohol drug detox treatment center will monitor you or your loved one and administer medical detoxification treatment, should the need arise. Our aim is to ensure our clients’ health, safety and comfort as they detox from alcohol or drugs.

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