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Alcohol is a drug, unlike any other. After a certain age, drinking is legal, socially acceptable and even expected at occasions like weddings and parties. This can make the path to addiction a very slippery one. A social drinker may take an extra nightcap at home, then two.

A binge drinker may find episodes of bingeing coming closer and closer together. One drink to relieve pain or ease depression can become three or four. If you or someone you know matches any of these descriptions, they may be at risk of addiction.

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What is Alcohol Addiction?

The spiral of addiction occurs as the body adjusts to ever increasing amounts of alcohol. This tolerance builds on itself, blotting out everything but the need to consume more and more. Physical and psychological dependence grow, making the individual feel increasingly isolated, helpless and unable to cope.

The Dangers of Drinking

Alcoholism makes itself apparent in many ways, all of them dangerous. While a single cocktail may cause a pleasant buzz, several can lead to falls, car accidents, physical injury to oneself or others, and these are only the short-term dangers. In the long term, damage to the brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys and other vital organs occurs. Drinking while taking antidepressants, pain relievers and other prescription drugs can quickly cause severe physical damage, even death. Psychologically, depression, confusion and memory loss take hold, causing the loss of family and work relationships, employment and income stability.

How We Can Help

Your recovery is our mission. Our treatment center is equipped with the resources needed to help you through the process of withdrawal and detoxification. We guide you as you counter the effects of long term alcohol addiction and discover the root causes of the problem. Our alcohol rehab treatment programs are proven to be effective and, as our client, you’ll find compassionate, professional support in a serene and healing atmosphere. You’ll emerge from treatment with a solid strategy for maintaining sobriety and rebuilding your relationships.

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